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Copywriting & Content Writing Services

The Driving Force of Your Marketing

Imagine a beautiful luxury vehicle sitting outside your office or home, polished to the nines, shinning like a newly minted coin.  You really wanted that vehicle and now it’s your pride and joy.  Sure, this vehicle is really about getting you from point A to point B, but it represents more than that, it’s a lifestyle statement!

Now picture that luxury vehicle as metaphorically representing your business – a business you’ve poured your heart and soul into, perhaps even been late for family meals, or missed family occasions for – but you know it’s the right vehicle to take you where you want to go….

… Well, if that luxury vehicle represents your marketing, think of Copy writing and Content as the equivalent of the engine – and without that engine, your vehicle isn’t going to get you very far.

What if Your Website or Sales Funnel Could Convert More Prospects Into Loyal Customers, Increase Customer Retention and Decrease Customer Service Issues?

By applying a systems approach, we “connect the dots” to help you create methodical, replicable marketing assets that get consistent results.

Imagine the results you’ll get with marketing assets that are designed to deliver an effective message that’s specific to your target audience, using the media they’re most likely to respond to.

I am a Copy Writer

Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

It’s essential to have a process in place to reduce the impact of customer churn.

We provide lead generation copy that is designed to identify potential clients who are interested in your product or service and to filter out ‘tire kickers’ who just take up too much of your valuable time.

Ask us how our copy can impact your short-term follow up conversion, conversion over time and monetizing your non-responsive leads

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Landing Pages that Convert

Whether you’re using squeeze pages, long form sales letters or video sales letters (VSLs) your landing page must be action-oriented to capture leads or convert prospects into customers.

Your landing pages are a critical component of your sales funnel and they need to be laser focused to drive conversions.

We can craft high-converting landing pages that deliver a strong message in clear, compelling language that’s relevant to your target audience.

We can even create (or review) your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions pages which, by the way, are required on sites such as Google.

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Email Campaigns/Sequences

You’ve created a really effective landing page to capture your prospect’s details, build rapport and stay in contact with them.  Your list is growing nicely and you want to keep your business at the front of your prospect’s mind by bringing them back to your page to request more information, register for a webinar or make a purchase…

… your existing email sequences have worked fine with a previous launch (you are tracking your results aren’t you?) but you need a new sequence tailored for your new offer, but once again, the clock is ticking and that tight timeline to launch is hitting you hard.

Our clearly written, customer-focused emails invite higher open rates and lead to increased sales.

Website Review

Website Review and Report

If you’ve had an online presence for a while, your website may benefit from one of our comprehensive reviews.

We use a 30 point best-practice checklist to evaluate your website content, structure, ease of use, website metrics and more.

Following the comprehensive evaluation you’ll receive our detailed report that clearly identifies your website’s strengths and opportunities.

Find out how this powerful review and report process uncovers opportunities to improve results in crucial areas of your website.

Copy Review


Copy specifically crafted to build the relationship with your client – increasing client satisfaction, retention and ascension.

Discover how we can increase the life-time value of your existing customers.

If you offer ‘done for them’ services, ask us how our Training Materials package can free up your time from questions, customer service issues and refund requests.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy & Social Media

You know content marketing is an important part of the sales process but with everything else you have to get done in your business, are you struggling to find time to write if yourself? There’s all the pages that really could do with an update, your bait pieces still have @2012 on them and yet another new social platform seems to be  springing up every day!

We can help you to get your content back under control…

If you’re looking for content to attract, retain and guide prospects and clients to take action, our Content Marketing Strategy will show you how your content can work for your business instead of being a time-drain on it.  If you decide that your valuable time is better spent on what you do best, we’ll also be there to write your content for you.

Meet Our Copy Team

Jan Streeton

Jan Streeton - Copy Chief

Jan is a Dan Kennedy Certified Copy Specialist and has been writing copy for us and our clients for several years. Her passion is travel writing but she has the ability and experience to write for most industries and niches.

Jan has written

  • reports
  • White Papers
  • Web Pages
  • Landing Pages short and long form
  • Email campaigns
  • Plus just about everything else

She also act as our copy chief for our clients who need copy and oversees all of the copy generated by our team.

Erica Bartlett

Erica L. Bartlett-Copy Specialist

Erica L. Bartlett combines her interests in writing and the environment as a copywriter and content strategist for green technology companies. She’s a trained and verified copywriter through American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI), including working with Copy Chief Sandy Franks. She’s certified and experienced in writing emails, funnels, online ads, lead-gen landing pages, editorials, social media posts, video scripts, and content utilizing SEO keywords. She was also trained in Content Marketing Strategy by Brian Clark, founder of Rainmaker Digital and Copyblogger. When she’s not writing, she also enjoys reading, cooking, walking, traveling, volunteering, and time with family and friends. For more information, visit ericabartlettcopywriter.com.

Simon Speight

Simon Speight-Copy Specialist

An AWAI trained and verified copywriter with a passion for health, alternative health and tech, Simon offers excellent copywriting and content writing for both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) clients.

He has experience of writing web copy, articles, newsletters, emails, PPC, Facebook and banner ads as well as Landing pages, video scripts and case studies.

For further information you can contact him at simon@educatedcontent.com or at https://educatedcontent.com